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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Saw Him John. I Saw Him.

His eyes can be rolled 360 degrees. I'm serious. Don't you dare to laugh at me. 
And I saw him crying yesterday evening. After the cross-country event ended. 
After the school ended. 
And he was staring. He was glaring with those cold eyes. 
My heart was throbbing so badly yesterday I wanted to scream out loud. 
He was wearing plain black shirt. Sleeveless. He was so quiet. 
Everyone was cheering. But he didn't. He was just behind me, pretending not to noticing me. 
His eyes were looking down. Playing with his fingers. I kept glancing at him severely. 
His friends were bugging me. And I saw his jaw was gritted. Really, John. 
And then he disappeared from my sight. 
I didn't see his smile. My girlfriends were cheering for him yesterday. He looked so mad I didn't know why. 
But he was crying, John. He was crying. 
And today, he changed his seat from staying near the window. 
As I was strolling in the area, his head was on the table. His hands covered his head. 
Sleeping, I thought. He loves to sleep, I know. F5 boyfriends tell me. They kinda helpful. 
But he was crying. He was crying. 
Why did he cry? Why is he so quiet? 
What's wrong with his eyes?

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