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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Feelings Died.

It's the end of April. And I've got words to present. You will like it, John. It's your birthday on the April 30 and it has been almost a month since you've been gone. 
Tyler had vowed his love to Chaste so heartily that sometimes it makes me cry when I reread those words. Because they are reminding of you. 

“With Romeo and Juliet, it takes one night to fall for each other. But it took me one second to sense that you’re The One. So we’ve got each other, angel.” Tyler quoted with a dazzling smile he’d planted by the corner of his curved brink. Chaste blinked. She never had thought that this kind of chauffeur-kind-of-boy somehow had made her dazzlingly hypnotized by his good looks.

            And she didn’t even realized that she’d sobbed. And she was embarrassed by that. “Shakespeare’s much huh?” She laughed lightly and covered his eyes. Not to show the tears.

            Tyler pressed his lips together. Knowing that it was a matter of time. Not having the urge to leaving his soulmate. We were bound to one another. And it was a destiny nobody could’ve rebuked. Nobody could’ve resisted.

            “What did you expect me, silly? Van Gogh didn’t quote. Pablo Picasso? God, you’re too into aristocrats blood-bounded! Don’t be, I used to have Shakespeare’s words here.” He buried his lips on her neck and that was it.

            She’d realized that it was her choice. Leaving Reid. Choosing a path. An eternal path with Tyler. Because she knew that Tyler’s next birthday was his Death. 

And surprisingly love, Steven approved the last word. Why?

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