I love You.

Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Plead.

You always dropped by every night. Just to check on me. 
Saying I was reckless. 
You always had been here when I slipped. When I fell. 
Always had been here when I cried. Embraced me in your protective arms. 
Always had been here when I lost my mind. When I didn't have the idea what I was doing.
Always had been here saying that I was crazy as I was helping myself to be like my friends. 
To get myself belonged. 
But you protested it. But your resistance was kind of futile. 
Because you couldn't help it. You couldn't force me to. 
You used to be here holding the knife for me as you were scared I might cut my wrist. 
But that was funny though. I won't do something like that. 
I have my own faith. 
You used to shout at me when you saw my colored claws. 
And cleansed my claws so gently, so softly though you were really mad that time. 
And you used to assault a sharp glare at my buds while you fetched me from school. 
Since you've been gone. 
Nothing like that has been intruding my silence. 

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