I love You.

Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's your Cousin.

Cousin Cue, John. 
He didn't know about you. And as I've already guessed, his eyes are also charcoal colored. 
He inherits that color of your eyes too. 
But it got kind of absurd to be looking at him. His stare full of hatred and vague stuff I can't figure out. I know you won't be replying, John. You don't have to. Even if I ever wished you would. 
And uh, You never told me that he's a dark-haired guy. 
He's a whole different thing of you. 
He doesn't like these networking things. He doesn't even want to touch my Apple. He looks more or less like you. Better be said; more like you. But dark-haired. That's the difference. The only difference. 
I don't tend to compare you to him. Because I'll just mock myself too. 
Let me tell you a thing; he looked so tired. His eyes were swollen up. He loves iced-soda so much. And I hate to tell you this; he was even a hacker once until one day he got caught. I guess that's that. That he stopped bothering about these things on Internet. :)
Anyway, I love you. 
And he is leaving. Everyone's gonna leave. We're torn apart. Even you and me. I've got company. Cue. 
Wonder if one day--he's gonna--leave too. 
"Life isn't fair"
My bud's quote. 

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