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Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

They Betrayed Me. Help.

They came to my house. For a discussion. I don't have any idea what kind of discussion they tended to discuss. I don't have any idea. 
And when I told about him to one of them. She exposed it. Reading what I wrote. Reading what I carved. It's like being raped. Being exposed to people. And I don't know why I have to feel so jittery since it's not my fault. It's their fault. They betrayed me. They just wanted to know everything about me. Even my privacy. Even about you. They've known about you. 
Don't you see?
It goes even worse. 
He pretends not to know me anymore. Ever. I don't know why. Everything seems too hard to face. 
How can I ever stand alone? They've betrayed me. They know about me. About the blog you left. About our story. The past. They've known all about it. 
They found the folder. My diary. I had to delete the memories left in the folder. I had to. 
Even I didn't want. They knew all about me. 
I'm exposed to those fools. 
How could they find it? So they came on purpose. 
I had to delete all my memories with you. My past with all my buds. And the suffering. 
I don't know whom else should I cry on. Lonesome. 
Talking to you like a crazy people. Yeah, they say it's no use. They say I'm stupid. 
Yes I'm stupid. 
They can say whatever they want. They don't even care even if I cry out loud. Because nobody cares. Why should I cry in front of them? Nobody will come and treat me like what you did before. 
He turned away. Cue feels like so far away from me.
Help me. I'm sorry if I cried. But help me. 
I just need you so I have the confidence. I'm lack of confidence. 
Help me. 

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