I love You.

Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is This The Main Reason Why you Did This ?

Cue seems so cold to be with me. He calls me The Jinx. But it's not as hurtful to be acknowledged by a fact that you left. You are killing me. I mean, your life's killing me. Even deeper. 
You didn't realize that you left me with pain. I don't want to tell that The Pain is sadness. It's not sadness. Maybe not for now. Though it's so quiet. 
But it's about you before. You didn't realize that you've got more white blood than the red one. No wonder I still turn paler from day to day. I thought it was because I mourned for you. 
But he called me back and he told me everything. 
John, you're killing me. 
How do I suppose to keep myself alive without you like before?
Why is there always test for me? One after another. 
Just like what I lost. I'm losing all of you. 

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