I love You.

Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why did You Leave Anyway

I always have wished the same thing whenever I woke up and to see you there, John. 
I always have. 
Did you ever think what I've wished? 
"Never thought that we've ever met"
And if you could hear me now, I miss your love so much. 
And I miss that smile you used to plant on your brink.
This is stupid, I realize. 
But I don't know what to do. 
It's so quiet without you here in my room. 
I'd rather give your life back. 
I'd do anything to make you come back. 
I don't know what to do with myself. 
I'm lost. 
I don't know what ice-cream flavor to choose, which movie should I watch, where should I go. 
I told ya I'm lost. 
But you're stupider. 
You lied to me. 
You wanted to leave me. 
There was someone before you wanted to die for me. 
But you urged on it. You lied. 
But I miss you. I wanted to return your life. I wanted to feel you. 
Because you're out of reach. You're now nowhere to be seen. 
Nowhere in sight. 
Now tell me what should I do now. 
Except studying. Don't reply me I should stop crying for you if you ever want to. Because it's your fault I'm lost. 
Blonde, I'm lost. 
It's your fault. You shouldn't have to go away. Shouldn't have to leave me like a kitten that had lost her mom. 
I'm lost. 
I lived for you. I held the pain because of you. 
But you just left. 

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