I love You.

Stupid. You're so stupid. :'(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Missed You So Badly I wanted to Die.

But then I realized it's you who I'd possibly hurt. Because it was me who died. Actually. 

Everyday I hope you're there, watching me. So you knew I still alive. 
Everyday I hope you're even here, holding me. Ruffling my hair so I could breath. But all I ever see is the avalanche of a dream. 
I'm sorry for not attending the funeral ceremony. I just couldn't bear to see you being--buried under my feet. 
I just couldn't. 
I miss you. 
I wish you were here. 
I wish. 
I miss you, blonde. Things changed. 
I'm sorry I don't go to school. I'm sorry I haven't eaten the last piece of strawberry cake you left in your fridge. 
You knew the truth I love strawberries. You ignored people saying I loved chocolate. 
You were right. Always right. 
I miss your touch. I love that smooth line jaw of yours. 
I don't mind if you have to appear as a corpse. Or as a ghost. But all I ever want is you. 
I want to see you. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. I want to feel your touch. 
I won't be scared if you appear now. 
I miss you

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